Saturday, 11 August 2012

Are we Share ?


Hye ..ada juga key yg b’kenan msuk kat blog tyieka nie..

Hehe.. law da, bagus tak daa…pun tak pe arr, he

K.. I have secret story to tell..

That story is to long to narrate it, but I have to told it.

Its happen when I’m 13. Perhaps it shame to say I have falled at somebody

That have a mysterious for me. I don’t know either about him.I don’t know why I’m often like “scare” if our eyes look each other. Huhh…

Now, we’re far away.Very far to say it. But I still remind all that have occurred.

I’m leave him and the other I have lost the person that make my soul happy,and happy and sad.

I’m very miss him so much from the deep of my heart.But, if he not my destiny.. I should to forget him..I’m try it…

Its so hatred when the person that we have love so long time and very much is never feels like us. Its mean nothing. Why? I have no complaint about that person. He have his choice, why I want to prevent what he want, Because my heart never to forget.He is my first and forever.

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